Hello-Lets Correct The Non Seo Firms That Overcharge and Under Promise

Posted on: June 6th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

There are many Seo ” Quote on Quote” Firms like www.addvissors.com, Vendorseek.com, Lead Gen companies for Seo trying to capitalize on novice website owners.

Larger Firms such as bruceclay.com in California, Simi Valley that overcharge their Seo clients and string them along with no structure, as Bruce Clay does not work on Seo anymore much. I have a few clients that are now with me, that left Bruce Clay and some big brand name giant seo firms, which is where I got this information from. There is so many Seo Firms that are not legit. Stay tuned as I will expose the truth within the Seo industry and state the Seo Agencies or Seo websites trying to lure and overcharge clients, in the next weeks.

See here is the problem with hiring a branding name Seo Firm like Bruce Clay. First you do not have the original owner seo expert working on your website, as Bruce Clay does not work on Seo for his clients anymore as of a few years ago. You have 8 people down from the top and maybe a intern working on your website for their training, which could not just loose you money but precious time!

If you are serious about your Seo, make sure they the :”Seo Experts” working on your project have over 5+ years experience and a track record of their own: Not just their company like bruceclay.com and www.seoripoff.com which is a lead generation company prying on vulnerable Seo clients. A lot of website owners have been taken by PPC buying Seo ” Firms” Jokes” or what ever you wanna call them like . Type in ” Michael Rotkin Seo” and see all the joke Seo Firms that buy sponsor links. Well if these seo companies had organic ranking and did not need to buy PPC , then why do they call themselves Seo Firms” or Seo Helpers?

Whats your thoughts? This blog will be updated with new information and my secret information, as the owner and Seo Expert of 9 years Michael Rotkin. Does your Seo Firm give you reports every Friday?