SES Seo San Jose Kicks Off 2008 in San Jose

Posted on: July 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Here It Comes !!! SES San Jose 2008

Search Engine Optimization, wow Ses 2008 in San Jose is back again. Wow I can remember my first conferences where it was held in smaller conference room buildings in early 2000.

I always have enjoyed SES in San Jose because Google and Yahoo always have kicked things off with a bang. They are not cheap and since SES San Jose is in Google’s backyard, things are done right!

I look forward to seeing good friends, associates and like minds this year.

From Google inviting SES attendees to its Club G and having its headquarters turned into a mega buffet” to Yahoo renting out amusement Parks, Ses San Jose is here in a few weeks. Check back for news about SES 2008-2009 and notes with Seo tips. If you cannot make it to SES and need SEO or PPC Help for your internet marketing contact me by request form on

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Michael Rotkin Seo Expert Endorses SEO SR Expert

Posted on: July 9th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Ed Taylor has increased seo revenue upwards of 775 Million dollars. I talked with Ed about the stage of the Seo industry and we both agreed there are so many fakes out there that are lead gen or have no clue how to play in a real mans game of over 100+ parts of the algorithm as of 2007.

I heard Bruce Clay Speak for years at SES and Pubcon and Ed Taylor speak. Ed you can tell has passion and doesn’t beat around the bush with the same info like certain ” Owners of major seo firms like that overchange and under-perform, per my clients statements. the SES and Pubcon speakers do overtime.