BlogWorld Expo Main Theme-See Notes on Seminars

Posted on: August 31st, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Bloggers BlogWorld-New Media Expo will take place September 20-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with the exclusive “Executive & Entrepreneur” conference beginning September 19th. The first and only industry-wide tradeshow, conference, and media event dedicated to promoting the dynamic industry of blogging and new media. In addition to the only industry-wide exhibition, BlogWorld features the largest blogging conference in the world including more than 50 seminars, panel discussions and keynotes from iconic personalities on the leading-edge of online technology and internet-savvy business. If you are currently blogging, vlogging, podcasting, producing other forms of new media content, entering the new media industry, or just want to know what the blogosphere is all about, then you need to be at the most comprehensive blogging convention–BlogWorld & New Media Expo. Located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at: 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Blogworld is Coming Soon Vegas Time-Been a Few Months

Posted on: August 31st, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

I just viewed the schedule for the blogworld conferences. I am excited there are many speakers, discussing revelvant information to the ” now blog game ”

I am looking forward to hearing from many of the speakers. My associates from my Seo firm, will be in every conference seminar, while I am bouncing from one to another. I love seeing all angles.

I am really excited about seeing the bloggers I met last conference when Mark Cuban spoke. The blogworld conference last year was awesome and topped Pubcon 2008. Pubcon 2008 topped SES San Jose 2008. Now SES 2008 international presentations were just great! So much information was given out.

My Wonderful Director of Social Bookmarking and Sales will be there at our booth and in the seminars.


Inlinks and how to do them properly

Posted on: August 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Inlinks are vital to every search engine optimization campaign. The best way to do inlinks, is send a friendly but serious and upfront email to website you would like to link to.

Do not just send a email to them as a copy paste email. Make it personal. Read Their Blog and post on older issues to show that your interested in them! Bloggers love comments, especially great ones. These opportunities that bloggers and the main stream websites are endless. Blogworld in Vegas in a few week will be a great time to network with similar industry websites.

But send out 20-50 emails for inlink requests to your favorite page rank cool sites.

Also do not send your tags, just be cool first.

These people that make the decision to give you the links are very busy and if you do not come off personable, then your deleted.

Good Luck Let me know how it goes.

Michael Rotkin -Seo Champion

Website Services-Seo Champion Offers

Posted on: August 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Our Los Angeles- Las Vegas Website coders and developers are among the top in country.

Our Seo Web design and website build-out services are second to none. We work with companies in all industries to improve their online marketing organic presence, through achieving top organic keywords for web sites in search engines. provides the best work in customized website design, shopping cart creation and business development online. We tailor your website to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to sell your products online, provide valuable information and content or video, generate leads, were here to get you from A-Z. Please fill out our form or email if you would like a website development quote or online website shopping cart consulting or etc.

SES Panels Show Bias on Mobi Domains Without Proper Knowledge

Posted on: August 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

I have received so many emails from .mobi owners and established companies wondering what happened at the ses panel.

Now many people, including some top Seo firms know of .mobi or its capabilities. Now when I arrived to Ses San Jose California 2008 to pick up my badge and information on the conferences, I noticed their was a slot of this ” Death of Mobi “.

Now this ” Death of Mobi ” is unreal, as the speakers were selling their own software apps. So SES will let speakers speak against a company that,, Nokia and many others invested without the proper knowledge?

See my post on SES notes and Mobi SES notes. Many responses have come in, but I do not like to display them from mobi owners, as the SES executive and traveling crew and speakers are hating on their crowd members.
To see what happened and the misleading false information given out on the mobi cell phone mobile marketing, is posted on SES Notes and SES San Jose in this blog.

I am shocked that SES seems to not care of the information by checking with the speakers before they speak on new seminars. I walked right out of the conference after the first 10 minutes of the first speaker speaking. Well hopefully the mobi community can get together on this and even the VP of .mobi the former respected executive.

SEO-PPC-Internet Marketing Domains For Sale

Posted on: August 28th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Here are some great domains I have, that I am putting up for best offer. Send a comment with your offer. Serious inquires only. This is the time to get a aged domain with great keywords in the domain url.

This blog will be updated tomorrow with the domains for sale. I also have over 400.coms in different industries that are aged and or have inlinks and great seo head starts”.

Let me know if you need a domain. Look for the seo internet marketing gem domains for sale starting tomorrow.

Parts of the Algorithm-How Many do You Think

Posted on: August 26th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

There was around 70+ parts to the seo algorithm back in 2005 when I talked to Matt at SES 2005 . Now since the social bookmarking and web2.0 has taken affect, many more parts of the algorithm have been added.

Now I am sure there is triple the 70 parts of the seo algorithm, but my firm concentrates on the top ten let alone top 70 parts from 1998-2009

It was weird, at the SES BlackHat Seminar no one wanted to address the algorithm except Michael Rotkin

UNLV user comment on SEO-SEM about seo blogs review

Posted on: August 26th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Hi Michael,

My name is Cash **** blanked for protection), and I am currently a Junior at UNLV. I actually came across on google under las vegas seo

I am emailing you because I have been a subscriber to many blogs, forums, and networks such as: digitalpoint, shoemoney, johnchow, and others. There seems to be a HUGE emphasis on SEO marketing on all of these various websites. I have looked through your website and I really admire what you have started as a student at UNLV.

I myself am double majoring in Business Economics and Business Financing. Also I plan to start taking some of the UNLV education outreach classes on the side, that teach about SEO, and other website utilizations. I was wondering if you had any tips for someone like myself, on how to start myself some sort of an internet marketing company, or even SEO like yourself. I currently own a few websites and slowly trying to build my portfolio.

Do you need any sort of help around your office? Any jobs available? anything at all, I really would like to learn the business from an expert like yourself.