Internet Law-5 Biggest Problems To Avoid For Small To Medium Business

Posted on: November 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

The most important thing in internet law and practices from John Dozier

1) Make sure you have privacy law, do what you say.
2) California does require a privacy policy on every website.
3) Now their seeing database breach and were seeing a better effort from the credit card companies about what you have to do about maintainig your information.
4) Affiliate misconduct, which Dozier have affiliates that have used trademarks while sellling offer the leads. Dozier goes over how affiliates and how affiliate programs need to protect themselve. Tighten up their roster of affiliates” Dozier says.
5) Do not have open enrollment to affiliates to your network.
6) PPC is making mistakes on search engine optimization and corps have

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Cyber Law For Internet Users Video

Posted on: November 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

This is a Great Cyber Law For Internet Users, check this video out and take notes. This is for Internet Businesses and News on Economic stats.

Dozier Internet Law-Part One-on Online Defamation (1-3)

Posted on: November 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

This man knows his game for Internet Law -Dozier Internet Law (Part One) on Online Defamation (1-5)

Dozier Internet Law (Part Two) on Online Defamation (6-10)

No Part three is supplied, but I will post these other helpful Internet Lawyer videos, Into to a great lawyer Internet law firm agency

You can get sued on the internet for slander

Posted on: November 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

You can get sued on the internet for slander and it is no joke. There are many bloggers our there that think freedom of speech is to slander and ruin peoples careers and lifes. I put stop to this for my clients, as they have the capital to fight online and offline if needed.

If you have been slandered online by tmz, celebrity shows, or by a false report, call me at 702-348-4001

Watch This Video Clip of a Woman that was awarded millions from a blogger corp for slandering her.
Be careful what you write about and stay away from accusations when posting through rss feeds.

Baby Phat and Pepperjam Have No Clue on Affiliate Advertising

Posted on: November 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

[kaltura-widget wid="vnphknwajk" width="260" height="252" addpermission="3" editpermission="3" /]I advertised baby phat, apple bottoms as I know the line of clothing and know women who wear them. Now first this cps deal sucks, because you have to convert online to get credit. There is no 800# credit and Babyphat pays a whopping” 8% enough to buy some dinner per sale. Wow, to top off the cake, they just sent me this email to get me excited to send traffic their way and get them several thousand in sales over this weekend. Not happening!

I do not give into terrible marketed companies online, as we see most of them coming from Pepperjam these days. Its was Walmart, I mean ” Commission Junction” before, but the tables have turn to greed.

Stay away from CPS deals unless you get 800# tracking for sure and still have yiour third party tracking.

As a affiliate , I will post this information sent to me by email so people can see examples of affiliate emails of Baby Phat. Do to the nature of the email, I cannot copy it. They are giving a raise from 8% to 10% and also showing me specials for their customers, which is wonderful, as I will make less money. No Thanks Baby Phat INC

China’s number one search engine Baidu has been the subject of some scandalous accusations

Posted on: November 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin -You may have heard that China’s number one search engine Baidu has been the subject of some scandalous accusations lately. As a result, stock has plummeted, and so have advertising revenues for the company.

A Little Background

Unlicensed medical outfits were allegedly selling bunk treatments and paying for high rankings on Baidu. People went to these destinations to buy their medicine at ridiculously high prices, presumably thinking they would be getting legitimate results on the top of the search engine, but were conned into paying for meds that didn’t even work. This inevitably led to the results mentioned above.

Now What?

Robin LiBaidu has now promised to “overhaul” operations. Baidu CEO Robin Li has been quoted as saying:

“Baidu employees who are found to have been involved in the scandal will be penalised … We have already fired people who helped fabricate documents for unlicensed suppliers.

“We have removed the key words of all four clients mentioned in the report and have begun to double-check the licenses of all other hospitals and pharmacies on our client list.”

What If?

It is interesting that the blame seems to be placed squarely on Baidu’s shoulders. Could something like this happen to our own number one search engine?

“I doubt Google validates the medical licenses of doctors who advertise for medical terms,” says Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land. “But at the same time, this would not necessarily be a legal issue for Google – or would it? To be perfectly honest, I am not sure why Baidu is taking such heat for this? Maybe because they place their paid ads directly into the organic results? I would do some tests on this but my Chinese is less than adequate.”

Baidu may have taken a hit from all of this, but it is likely still secure as China’s leader in search, with over 60% of the Chinese market share according to Guardian. Google is second, but not close. Although, if Google continues its efforts to improve international search, it could eventually add China to its basket of eggs one day. Particularly if Baidu suffers from more scandals in the future. For now, the throne is Baidu’s to lose.
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Monster-com Founder Andrew McKelvey Dies

Posted on: November 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Long career in business and Philanthropy

Andrew McKelveyFamous businessman and philanthropist Andrew McKelvey has passed away, to help aid in the coping process has created a virtual tribute page.

With the death of Andrew McKelvey, provides a place for people to write a few kind words about the deceased in the “Memorial Guestbook”. They also feature links, via thumbnail images, to videos about Andrew McKelvey from around the web.

McKelvey is commonly known for founding, the famous online job recruitment site. He helped build the .com into what it is by purchasing commercial airtime during the Super Bowl and by buying some of his biggest competitors.

His brilliant business career and impressive philanthropist resume will forever be remembered with the tribute page.

More Shopping Statistics for Us To Follow For Online Shopping

Posted on: November 27th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Cyber Monday Video edges closer still. We’re at about five days now. Users want free shipping.

Of course, we’ve still got Black Friday to deal with and last year shoppers spent around $531 Million online just on that day. Follow Amazon’s example and get ready for that.

Then you’ve got Cyber Monday to worry about. More than 8 out of 10 shoppers will be looking for discounts on Cyber Monday and 69% will be searching for free shipping according to a survey by Shopzilla.

“Cyber Monday has become so famous for its good deals that many consumers prefer waiting until Monday to shop online rather than heading out to the stores for the traditional Black Friday deals,” says Shopzilla. “Even the browsers – not shoppers – are using Cyber Monday to strategically prowl the web for promotions and savings.”

Shopzilla reported that the majority (83.7%) of retailers will have special promotions for CyberMonday, up from 72.2% last year.

Shopzilla Promotions GraphGoogle’s AdWords crew was good enough to offer up some tips for Cyber Monday:

- Check your budgets, and consider increasing them. You’re likely to see increased traffic and you won’t want to exhaust your budget early on a day when there are so many potential buyers.

- Give customers peace of mind about shipping times. One of the most stressful parts of online holiday shipping is not knowing if a present will make it in time. Be up front about delivery dates and let customers know ordering deadlines for gifts to make it in time for the holidays.
- Promote any special offerings in your ad text. If you have a holiday special that differentiates you from the competition, be sure to showcase it in your ad.

Not long ago, Yahoo also offered some good holiday tips:

1. Call out any special holiday deals

2. Highlight lower-priced items when possible

3. If you offer free shipping, be sure to include that in your ad copy

4. Stress the ease and convenience that online shopping offers

Black Friday is Not The Normal Friday Anymore

Posted on: November 27th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

First off – Happy Turkey Day! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. People are not going to be waiting in lines this year, just watch. People that nejoy and need to get out of the house for something to do will. But not the multi tasking fast pated Internet People Like Us.

So tomorrow is Black Friday and people go nuts and wake up at the crack of dawn
to get an iPod for like $40 or great deals like that. Thats the past, people will wake up and or buy online tonight and get deals that they can get in the stores.

Personally, I have never waited in line, as I buy everything I can on ebay or online, but
I’ve heard people come back with incredible deals online , more coming in Christmas 2008