Matt Cutts Just Confirmed The Google Page Rank Update Via Twitter

Posted on: December 31st, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Matt Cutts Just Confirmed The Google Page Rank Update Via Twitter about 1 hour ago. A few members asked if Google did a page rank update and asked for Matt Cutts to confirm. Thanks for the confirmation Matt

Here is the twitter post live :

mattcutts Yes, Google updated our toolbar PageRank values today. Consider this the confirmation.

Google Page Rank Update Hits Worldwide This Evening

Posted on: December 30th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

Google INC just did a page rank update for 2009 to all websites, up or down worldwide in the last few hours!

I just noticed the boost on the page rank updates on most of my sites. just got a boost from a page rank 3 to a 4 and my blog received a boost from a 2 to a 3 in page rank.

I want to thank Google INC for this update early and my associates for all their hard work. I anticipated Google would release this page rank increase or decrease on their page rank bar, would hit worldwide first week of January.

Its a great surprise to see a good holiday gift come before new years in the USA here and around the world! Rock on, Thanks Google …..Michael Rotkin

Michael Rotkin CEO of Just Made a Few Large Purchases on His Birthday

Posted on: December 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

(1888PressRelease) October 06, 2008 – Chavonne Jones: Director of Press for Mr Rotkin

Michael Rotkin has now expanded his SEO Agency-Firm in Los Angeles and Europe to hold numerous divisions, and help business owners online be seen on the organic search side of Google, Yahoo, Msn and .

His latest developments has lead him into online reputation management and real estate SEO, since the market is down right now.

“Real Estate will pick up in 2010 and realtors and real estate agents will need SEO guys that are good to take out the competition”: says Michael Rotkin CEO of dba Domain Holdings

” We are in a state of crisis right now on land, while the new Internet newbies are making millions of dollars. My job is to keep track of all this like I have for 15 years”. is acting now for its realtor clients and moving on the non existent competition in the real estate seo world.

Michael Rotkin has also stated that he owns over 50 real estate and mortgage blogs that are available for purchase on his blog at in the domain category. opened its two latest divisions on October 1st 2008. See the latest areas of SEO we cover for the demand” and

For more Information or Consulting From Mr Rotkin
Chavonne Jones
seochampion ( @ ) yahoo dot com

Michael Rotkin Pay Per Click Internet Development Expert Purchases several thousand shares of Live Person Inc because of recession in the United States Of America

Posted on: December 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

(1888PressRelease) July 05, 2008 – Michael Rotkin who loves Seo and has been doing Seo for 9 years and PPC since 2000, noticed some changes during one of his big budget spend campaigns for his PPc Client. He had to correct a error quick that was coming from Google server for PPC. So thats when good things happened!

He went to the help section to get a live rep and sure enough his problem was fixed in minutes. Google utilizes Live Person Inc which helps save Google Millions of dollars in loss revenue for campaigns sitting on their system paused and not running.

” Adwords ” which is is GooG on the Nasdaq.

” So lets say this billion dollar company utilizes Live Person Inc to do their live chat and they supply the live virtual chat reps. Now thats a great idea, especially in a ” recession” with a loss of jobs, all jobless workers are going to work on teh internet in the Unites States by the Hundreds of Thousands from now till the Us recovers full in 2011.

Michael made a decision to purchase a good stake of shares in going down market for two years.

Michael is currently holding a + portfolio and has been contacted by real estate investors lately, because of current land based market conditions.

Michael Rotkin Stated ” If only private-investors knew they could be in the internet business and making not 20% on their money but 100%-unlimited every month on their money by doing PPC, by paying someone like me to set them up in industries and they start making money instantly’

” One of these days the next generations will know to look for Seo guys like Myself at and to do a honest days seo work for a honest days pay” Ed Taylor Seo has brought his clients 775 Million in sales vs Michael Rotkin who is 15 years younger creeping up at 45 Million in Revenue for his Seo clients at .

For Investor Relations to purchase established revenue generating websites contact mrotkin ( @ ) gmail dot com

Director of Press Chavonne M Jones and dba domain assets

Amazing Websites Created By Michael Rotkin-Expert Website Development Engineer And SEO Expert

Posted on: December 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

(1888PressRelease) June 26, 2008 – Director Of Press @ has been around for years and just recently started providing website design and retail store website build-out services. Known mostly for their search engine optimization services, this is a small step away from the norm, but they have been successful at it. Year to date they have built over 20 retail websites and hundreds of directories and landing page sites. At, they believe that every business is unique and that their websites should reflect that as well. They have the knowledge to build retail store websites that accept credit cards, consists of live chat modules and more. All of these services are being offered at 30-50% lower rates than their competitors. Being that provides search engine optimization services, this is a great company to trust with your web design and retail store website build-out services. Not only can you receive these services with satisfaction, but you can also bundle it along with search engine optimization and watch your business grow. For more information on all of the services provided by, visit their site and get a free quote. Virtual clients served in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Europe, China, India and more @ “where Seo Experts work not novice Seo specialist” Wire “ShoeMoney Show Gets Some Advice On SEO From Michael Rotkin SEO Expert Of 9 Years. It Was A Loosing Battle For ShoeMoney ” Jeremey Shoemaker On The Shoe Money Show

Posted on: December 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

(1888PressRelease) May 30, 2008 – Las Vegas, Nevada: United States

Director of Press for : Chavonne M Jones

The well respected blogger individual Jeremy Shoemaker ” ” has created a blog with 163,000 inlinks, with 7000+ diggs, and a page rank five over 4 years ran on has acquired his status because of 7,000+ Diggs on his articles and users bookmarking his website, which is a Seo majority part of the algorithm and affiliate marketing.

Shoemoney has been stating around the industry publicity, that ” Seo Has No Future” and this found taping shows a wealth of knowledge on the aspects and algorithm workings of,, and other engines.

“I was waiting for Shoemoney to tell me why Seo has no future after I clearly explained why 100% that Seo is a Must for all Website Owners”
Stated: Michael Rotkin Ceo of after the interview on on May 27th 2008 at 1:25pm Pst.

Catch the full interview of Michael Rotkin Seo Expert and Shoemoney Affiliate Blogger Expert. Michael speaks after the first 5-10 minutes. You will hear Michael introduced , from Las Vegas in debate, which left Shoemoney speechless”

SEOChampion Breaking News. Michael Rotkin Releases E-book ” SEO For Podcasts And Blogs” 10- 31-08

Posted on: December 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

1888PressRelease) May 21, 2008 – Michael Rotkin Owner Seo Expert, has been doing search engine optimization day to day, while managing his clients.

When he gets a few hours he works on finishing his new Book called “Seo for Bloggers and Podcasters” The book will be done in a few weeks before its original announcement launch, at Blog Master World in Vegas for Summer of 08.

Seo for Bloggers and Podcasters” will be available for online email electronic delivery for our users at $95.00 USD. See new book release for online quick optimization Seo practices revealed in the 70 + growing part of the algorithm in Seo

Email out Book Dept at seo ( @ ) seochampion dot com

Top Domain Holder Michael Rotkin, Who Happens To Be A Seo Expert And Internet Usability Expert Is Selling His Private Domains

Posted on: December 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

(1888PressRelease) April 30, 2008 – Las Vegas, Nevada 8:38 Pst
Michael Rotkin CEO dba domain properties investments releases his offer to sell over 350+ .coms that are top 2 and 3 keyword urls. These urls were hand picked from previous owners for their ranking, algorithm value, inlink value, backlink value, domain age, pages indexed by checking sold over $30,000,000 in domains in the past 12 months.

Most off the domains have great keywords and great age and page rank index, as Michael Rotkin has added back-links to the domains as well as submitted them for indexing over the years.

These domains are for sale at

Michael Rotkin states ” These domains for sale are a huge opportunity to start your new website or invest in a aged domain”

Domains with age add a drastic higher value then a newer one with no reputation. Michael Rotkin states that “top SEO Pioneer Bruce Clay and Jill Whalen” advises their clients to obtain aged domains with great keywords in them”

Michael Rotkin stated an example: ” Lets say you are in the Internet Marketing arena and your company or you want to have your own internet marketing directory. You need to find a domain 1st that has great keyword value. You need 3 words to rank #1 on Internet Marketing Directories “. It would be vital for you to find so you build your website and target those keywords in the url in 3 multiples and etc.

Michael Rotkin has purchased the domains he is selling during 2000-2007 from owners that went out of business or sold out. The domains for sale can be viewed on

Right now with that in mind Michael Rotkin wanted to get great domains with awesome two and three word value urls on seo and pay per click adwords, that people pay for. ” So if you own the domain words and are #1 on the search engine on seo, you will not have to pay per click for that keyword or the keywords sought from the domains for sale.

If you own a lot domains sitting in cash parking or adsense websites you can sit back and watch residual revenue come in.

Most of these websites for sale are built out and will be their own industry directories in the next 4-8 months if not sold. ” I will use my domains to take over the spaces and control good content” says Michael Rotkin CEO of

Michael Rotkin is selling off with offer-counter offer method style. Michael Rotkin welcomes all SEO Firms and Agencies to take a look at his hidden Seo domains till now”. Michael Rotkin has used in handling his domains. Moniker will handle all large transfers of domains or Paypal, your choice.

MIchael Rotkin also will be displaying towards the summer his hidden .Mobi domains on . His 500+ .mobi mobi cell phone domain rights to the default brower in 2008-2009 and beyond will go on sale to the highest bidder. These mobi domain names were bought on land rush day and cover 30 industries and most are premium two words only. Email to get a reserve copy to pre-buy to mrotkin ( @ ) gmail dot com or seochamp ( @ ) seochampion dot com

Google Maps are great for small businesses

Posted on: December 29th, 2008 by Michael Rotkin

If you have not heard of how to add or adding Google Maps to your business and city, well you have to get on the ship.

If you are a small business or website and would like to be on a local google map, when people type in their zip code and the word of your websites offering, then hit

Video coming soon , interview with Michael Rotkin, this is posted by Rotkin