What Does Google Want To Rank You On Its Search Engine for SEO?

Posted on: July 26th, 2010 by Michael Rotkin

SEO is widely not understood by most seo apprentices and even most seo ” firms”. So let me be brief and explain what SEO is and how it works for the new webmaster or seasoned webmaster.

SEO, stands for search engine marketing and SEO is a formula, which Google, Yahoo and Bing.com use to rank your website. SEO is comprised of many parts, which are important and what Google wants you to be a part of.  For example, twitter daily and send links to your blog from twitter.com and same with Google Buzz in the same sense.

So Google and Matt Cutts added social sites to their algorithm, that they like and require websites to be a part of , such as Google Buzz and Blogger.com and many more. Now these websites that you connect with on the social standpoint are very important to Google, as they show Google that you are part of daily work on the web and is the only way they can see your working on your website and community.

This SEO formula is a business common sense approach, as Google made the way to figure out which websites are working daily, every other day, weekly and monthly and will rank accordingly to effort and fulfillment of algorithm values ( social links to your website and updates ).

Now the biggest part of SEO algorithm that Google wants to see, is what websites are linking to your website, via a text link or article. That shows Google, that your website must be considered high standard, reputable and an authority, for a website to take the time and link to your website or offer you a link.

The 3rd big one that Google wants, is blogging. What Google, Yahoo and Bing want to see, to rank you, is that your blogging about real issues and solutions related to your website, providing your visitors with worthy information, not just spam and or software generated content like some sites do. So when your blogging make sure to tag all posts and make each post unique, like you’re writing an article in your local newspaper.

This information is very valuable and no one can dispute these tips at all. If anyone has something to add please leave a comment and I will post your story, based on knowledge, reputation of words only and the truth for the good of the Internet world.

Thanks Michael Rotkin