SEO Backlinks For College Professor-Free Advice On How To Do Backlinks-Social Media and Meta Tags?

Posted on: August 5th, 2010 by Michael Rotkin

My old college professor at UNLV wrote to me just earlier today and I thought it was cool to post this, as he is built a website to sell customized mugs.

UNLV Former Casino management Department Chairs email:

Mr. Rotkin:
I just created a web site where I manufacture personalized coffee mugs How do I improve the placement on the search engines?
Jim Kilby


My Email & Free Seo Consultation back:

Hey Jim, good to hear from you buddy!


Cool customized mugs website! Yeah here are the top steps to concentrate on for doing internet seo marketing, without spending money.


1) Make your title description and keywords on the “meta” match the body text, with high rich keywords your targeting.


So let’s say, your keywords your targeting is “mugs for sale online, best mugs online, buy mugs online, customized mugs for sale, etc


You need your title to have 3-5 words from your keyword list in a 8 word title on top browser which is in the meta and then the description will almost be a repeat of the title but descriptive and then you should have 10-12 keywords on your main page.


Also you should have a sitemap and also a mission statement” body text like I do here on my hydroponics retail store that has all the keywords your seeking that are in the title, description and then put into body text, in a form of a mission statement.


Then you need to add a blog in wordpress and have it updated with rss feeds from a local rss from a related newspaper editor writing about novelties or etc.  These tactics in turn shows google your updating your blog. You should also blog yourself about new products and the industry how it pertains to what your selling and do that in 6 sentences once a day five days a week.


Then you need to make comment posts and link back to your website to create seo backlinks> see my seo backlinks page, as I wrote the information of how someone can create their own seo backlinks or hire me to do the seo backlinks for them.  


You can post to newspapers and make sure when it says name, put ” mugs for sale” and then under website put your website and http in full and then leave a related post and you will need eventually 500-1000 links and then the engines see that as being reputable. In return you get the keywords indexed on the main mug keywords and free traffic.


You also have to create a social presence by making a facebook fan page and a twitter and make sure when you blog, you copy and paste your blog new url into twitter and facebook to update everyone, this all is the main parts of seo. A lot of work, but saves 5-10k of seo work.


Any other questions let me know, as you always had my back in college!

Follow me on twitter for updates and also see my seo blog below which I write tips and the info above in different ways. You can create a business for life and avoid pay per click fees for sure!


Feel free to call as well any questions or write. I work non stop and have 9 people working for me on seo for my clients daily, so all good.

Michael Rotkin