Facebook Launches Gifts, They’re Real This Time

Posted on: September 28th, 2012 by Lina

Facebook has just plunged itself into the ecommerce arena with the launch of Gifts, their first-ever real-life gift exchange initiative. With Facebook Gifts, users can buy their friends gifts and they will ship right to their doorstep – and it all happens within the confines of the Facebook world.

No more hollow birthday wall posts, or congratulations on the new baby. Liking someone’s “I just got a new job!” status is no longer sufficient. Now, users have to option to buy their friends something that they can actually use. This is completely different from the now defunct Facebook Gifts of old, that saw users send virtual items to friends.

Giving a gift is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to a friend’s Timeline and click the gift box icon at the top. This opens up a menu that allows you to select a gift and pay for it right there (through Facebook’s payments platform) – no third party sites necessary. When you give a gift, you also have the option of giving a card with a personal message. Finally, you can choose whether or not to post the gift to their Timeline or have it sent to them via private message.

Facebook Launches Gifts (And They’re Real This Time)

Once that process is complete, the recipient will immediately receive a notification that they’ve been given a gift and will be asked provide their shipping address. At this point in time, the recipient can also make alterations to the gift order including color, size, or flavor (depending on the type of gift).

According to AllThingsD, Facebook Gifts is launching with over 100 retail partners from all over the map – food and drink, clothes, home goods, and toys. Facebook has announced one big-time partner in the venture – Starbucks.

Of course, this is huge boost to Facebook’s potential revenue stream. There are so many occasions for which giving a gift will feel appropriate. Facebook knows this, and will be including “Give a gift” suggestions right under birthday notifications on users’ home pages.

Plus, Facebook Gifts isn’t just a desktop venture. It is coming to mobile – Android and mobile web first, followed by iOS.

Gifts will be rolling out across the world gradually, first appearing for users in the U.S. If you want to see a short video on Gifts, check the official Gifts page.

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TheFind Thinks Google Shopping Will Hurt Consumers

Posted on: September 28th, 2012 by Lina

Google is scheduled to complete its transition to the paid inclusion-based Google Shopping model for its product search results next week. Some retailers have expressed disdain for the move, while others have embraced it. At least one has compared Google to a drug dealer.

TheFind.com, member of the FairSearch Coalition, is the latest to speak out against the transition. FairSearch, if you’re unfamiliar with the organization, is a group of Google competitors who frequently speak out against Google’s business practices in an effort to paint Google in an anticompetitive light.

TheFind CEO and co-founder Siva Kumar tells WebProNews, “Google’s switch to an all-paid model is likely to confuse many consumers who will no longer see every product for their search, but will instead only see paid placements. It will be interesting to see how Google communicates this change to consumers who have come to trust that search results are a combination of ads and organic results.”

TheFind Thinks Google Shopping Will Hurt Consumers

It’s certainly worth noting that Google has said from the beginning that in its search results pages, it will display the “Sponsored” text with results from Google Shopping. Currently, if you look at shopping-specific results pages, Google displays a links that says “Why these products?” When you click that, Google says, “Products and offers that match your query. Google is compensated by some of these merchants.”

Of course, Google does not see the move as something that hurts consumers. “When searching for great local restaurants, people want places to eat right there on the results page, not another click or two away. It’s the same with hotels, flight options, directions and shopping,” says Sameer Samat, Vice President of Product Management, Google Shopping.

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Google Adds Another Dash Of Google+ To Gmail

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 by Lina

The integration of Google+ into Gmail continues. Today, Google announced it has added interactive email notifications for Google+ Events invitations, so you can RSVP, invite and comment from the inbox.

Google’s Roshni Malani says you can RSVP with one click, invite your friends, read and respond to comments and share photos “all without leaving your desktop inbox.”

Event Invites in Gmail

According to the most recently released numbers from Google, Gmail has 425 million unique users a month. Google declared earlier this month that Google+ has topped 100 million monthly active users.

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Google Lets You Download All Your YouTube Videos Together

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 by Lina

Google has just made it a hell of a lot easier to get all of your videos off of YouTube, should you choose to do so.

In the past, users have been able to download individual videos using the Video Manager, but now Google is letting you grab your whole collection at once with Google Takeout.

Google Takeout was launched in 2011 as an offering from Google’s Data Liberation Front. Basically, it allows you to grab your data out of multiple Google products, in case you want to switch to another service, or simply don’t want to use those products any longer.

Google will only let you take out your original videos from YouTube. Don’t expect to be able to do this with all of your favorites, playlists, etc.

“With Google Takeout, you can download all of the original videos that you have uploaded in a few simple clicks,” says YouTube engineer Brian Hawkins. “No transcoding or transformation — you’ll get exactly the same videos that you first uploaded. Your videos in. Your videos out.”

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Yahoo To Focus On Mobile And Personalization

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by Lina

Yahoo To Focus On Mobile And Personalization

Yahoo will reportedly be increasing its focus on mobile and personalization moving forward under new CEO Marissa Mayer. Mayer held a meeting with Yahoo employees to discuss the company’s plans, and these were major themes.

Business Insider obtained a summary/outline of what was discussed from sources the publication declined to name because they “want to keep people employed”. These sources reportedly said that Mayer shared non-specific plans to “acqui-hire” small companies for engineering talent to build products for Yahoo (as opposed to buying companies for their existing products).

The company is reportedly striving to become something users use every day, to do more of what the company is good at (and less of what it is not), to be partner-friendly, to be strong in mobile by 2015, and to move faster (giving employees more deadlines and resources). One important point from the outline is that Yahoo will only give the green light to products that can scale to 100 million users or $100 million in revenue.

That part about being partner-friendly is interesting in light of comments made by Google’s Eric Schmidt this week. He reportedly expressed interest in a partnership with Yahoo, though it’s hard to say that anything will come of this, as the two companies have tried to partner in the past, but had to pull the plug due to regulators. In other words, it’s obvious that Google would want to partner with Yahoo, but getting a partnership done is a different story. Still, it’s interesting that he would even say such a thing, especially considering that Yahoos now in the hands of a longtime Googler. I wonder what Microsoft thinks about it.

Kara Swisher at All Things D also provided an account of Mayer’s talk, which pretty much mirrors Business Insider’s, but she also notes that search and email were not discussed much.

On Tuesday, Yahoo announced the appointment of Ken Goldman to the CFO role.

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Google Still Wants A Deal With Yahoo

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by Lina

Google Still Wants A Deal With Yahoo

Apparently, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has been talking about how the company would still love to be Yahoo’s search partner.

As you may recall, Google and Yahoo were trying to get an advertising partnership done before Microsoft and Yahoo partnered up, but regulators were having none of it.

A report from Forbes looks at some words allegedly spoken by Schmidt in Tokyo indicating that Google “would love to be search partner for Yahoo.” Note: that is a quote from Dow Jones’ account, and not necessarily directly from Schmidt himself.

Forbes contributor Eric Jackson says he followed up with the Dow Jones reporter, who said, “Yes, I can confirm, Eric Schmidt definitely said they’d be interested in working with Yahoo US. He also said nothing doing for the time being, but they would be interested. It was also mentioned to him that there is new management at Yahoo US with a Google connection. But he played it pretty straight…. He also said they had expressed this interest to Yahoo before on a number of occasions.”

Obviously, a lot has happened since the two companies tried to get a deal done, but Google has attracted more regulatory scrutiny than ever.

Still, Marissa Mayer, a longtime Googler, is running the show at Yahoo now, and there have been rumors that Yahoo’s partnership with Microsoft could end prematurely (even before Mayer assumed her role as CEO).

There’s no point in jumping to any conclusions, but this is the first time we’ve seen Google express much interest in Yahoo in a while. There’s little here to suggest that a deal will actually happen, but Schmidt’s words are intriguing nonetheless.

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How Many SEO Consultants Actually Know What They’re Talking About?

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by Lina

As an industry, SEO has struggled with setting standards of quality from day one. Even with countless professional SEOs doing best-in-class work, the industry as a whole is constantly battling the bad rap of being tactless, unethical, and sometimes even “dead.”

                                                Black-hat or black cat?

At SEOmoz, we find ourselves pleasantly surprised day after day by the array of high-quality SEOs that make our industry such a wonderful place to be. Unfortunately, the time finally came where we had to ask ourselves the nagging questions looming over our industry: where was all this negative noise coming from? Had we been missing a widely accepted fact in the SEO world? And, most importantly, was the current state of SEO really as awful as some were making it seem?

There was only one way to find out.

Inspired by a post highlighting the “sad state” of today’s SEO consultants, we decided to conduct a survey of our own to determine the true, calculated quality of SEOs in 2012. Similar to the Webmaster World member whose less-than-awesome exchange with various SEO consultants sparked this hot debate, we chose to reach out to real, third-party SEO companies for advice on how to improve rankings to collect our data. But we wanted to do it bigger.

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Google Stock Hits Record High On Monday

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by Lina

Google shares hit an all-time high on Monday, at one point reaching $748.90, according to CNN Money. As of the time of this writing, shares are at: $748.21 (+14.22‎, 1.94%‎).

Google Stock Hits Record High On Monday

The publication attributes the rise to continued search domination and strides made with Android (a reported 68% share of the global smartphone market during the second quarter).

Some are pointing to the negativity that has surrounded Google rival Apple in the maps departement, since the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. It seems unlikely that this is directly responsible for the immediate uptick in Google shares, but Google may have some further monetization efforts on the horizon when it comes to maps. Earlier, we looked at a new patent application from the company related to showing ads on maps. It sure doesn’t seem like something that would turn investors off.

Apple stock is actually down today, at $684.24 (-15.85‎, -2.26%‎) at the time of this writing, after the company sold over 5 million iPhone 5s in the first weekend of availability.

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Google Launches Google For Entrepreneurs

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by Lina

Google announced the launch of Google For Entrepreneurs, an “umbrella” for its various programs that cater to startups and entrepreneurs.

This includes: Campus London, Google for Entrepreneurs Week, Women 2.0, Startup Weekend, Women Entrepreneurs on the Web, Google Sudo, 1871, Start with Google, NewME Accelerator, Global K-Startup, Google for Entrepreneurs in Israel, Eleven, Jagriti Yatra, Umbono, Le Camping, City of Minneapolis STEP-UP Summer Jobs Program, Startup America Partnership, Portland Incubator Experiment, P@SHA Fund for Social Innovation, AFCECO, Google For Entrepreneurs Day San Diego, Google For Entrepreneurs Day Nashville, Grunder-Garage, Women’s Initiative Fellowship Program, Google For Entrepreneurs @ Google I/O, Arab Developer Network Initiative, Idea Village, iHub and Accelerate Your business. More on all of these can be found here.

Google says the focus is on partnerships with strong organizations that serve entrepreneurs in local communities, Google-led programs to bring its teams and tools directly to entrepreneurs, and placing relevant Google tools in the hands of startups as they’re getting off the ground and ready to scale.

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How Social Media Distracts You at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on: September 23rd, 2012 by Lina

How often does the social media monster swallow you whole? More than you may think, according to Red e App, which lets consumers get notifications from businesses without having to provide their personal information.

The company developed an infographic, below, that details how interruptions impact employee productivity.

“Is it possible to be too connected in this digital age?” Red e App asks. “Research data indicates, yes.”

Among the findings, the infographic shows that workers are interrupted approximately once every 10.5 minutes, and that it takes an average of 23 minutes to return to an assigned task. The impact of these interruptions is staggering — costing the American economy almost $650 billion dollars a year, it says.

The infographic then breaks down the amount of time that Facebook, Twitter and email suck out of your day.

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