Always look at yourself as a business online, you have divisions and a division is social media, where another one is your blog

Posted on: December 17th, 2012 by Michael Rotkin

Your a blogger, but a business person first.

New bloggers face tough challenges, do they just post new articles on their blog or do they focus on social media?

The answer is, very simply do both. The method that still stands today, in its basic infancy needs to be applied.

1) Write your blog post, add keyword tags and make sure you have the latest seo pack then adhere to step two right after.

2) Create an account on the top 20 social media websites, by doing a search ” top 20 social media websites 2012″ and log these and put on a note pad, by pencil or pen. We will provide a full list, of sites that help rank your blog, later this week.

3) Make sure you have a twitter account, a facebook account, a youtube account, a pinterest account and then apply your newest blog post on those accounts, by clicking like on your blog and clicking retweet as well on a social toolbar on your blog, above your title of each post.

4) Then spread the word of your new post to your friends and family, so they like and retweet, as that will trigger a small viral approach, which is needed to gain ground daily and help you rank, which creates unique visitors and then revenue for ads the visitors can use to their benefit on your blog.

5) Repeat this to pinterest in the form of pictures, as always figure out how to make your post fit in each social platform, no matter if it’s not for your blog. There is always a fit, even if you don’t blog about shopping lets say, there is a way to incorporate your post in pinterest as an example.

6) So with steps 2-5, you will be creating links up and back, from your blog to your videos division, social media pages and then back to your page. This is the basic method that needs to be done daily, to show engagement from your blog to your social media accounts, to create a true audience and structure, which is desired by the algorithm values and spiders to gain keyword rank.

7) Always look at yourself as a business online, you have divisions and a division is social media, where another one is your videos. This is not talked about much, but a great business structure for search engine marketing within marketing for your business or blog.

New bloggers and online entrepreneurs face tough, but lucrative opportunities in 2013 and there is no better time to start on your own blog now.

Posted on: December 17th, 2012 by Michael Rotkin

Helpful Tips For New bloggers

New bloggers and online entrepreneurs face tough, but lucrative opportunities in 2013 and there is no better time to start on your own blog now.

To make money online, one must ask themselves if they are ready to work and work smarter, not harder. Are they dedicated to writing daily and promoting their blog or just talking about it?

Upon saying “Yes I am ready to make my mark and generate some extra income, that will only rise”, the online blogger can do well and set a presence for their role in life online.

So some tips to take home, when you blog.

The search engines want to see new blogs, posting blog posts 3-4 times a week at 380-400 words each and we recommend 4-8 times a week, one should post.

Think about this very carefully. If you were Google, Yahoo or Bing and are looking for good content, would you rank a blog that posted 3-4 times a week, or a blog that posts 4-8 times a week higher on certain keywords?

The answer should be more is better, as the search engines only know what you write and value your blog, based on how much effort you put into the website or blog. Now all this is good to make money online and create self structure, while creating your own business, as a blog is a newspaper and can rival any other blogs, which are competitors per say eventually, as seen in the past and currently.

Also with writing about your favorite topics on your blog, one should have some video presence as well, Vimeo and youtube and create 3-4 new videos per week, with adding those to your blog as well. Also keep in mind to post to Bing videos, Yahoo videos as well, as each engine cares about what they offered the online blogger, not what their search engine competitor offered.

The blogger will want to give a brief summary on what you they wrote by hand, to Youtube by voice and video, which then creates a second opportunity to be ranked, as the spiders crawl those videos posted on your blog.

Now the search engines love links and backlinks right? So how we solve this value of the formula is, the blogger must find other topics online right after writing his or her blog post and or video and get ready to engage audiences and the engines.

Then find and read other similar topics and make comments, with leaving your full http url, not just your (www.) and then do not forget to leave your keyword in the name field, which in turn links to the blog post you created, letting that blog know who you are, which creates a connection in the search engines eyes. Any questions feel free to ask below, thanks Michael Rotkin, Founder of

More tips top come this week for new bloggers, concerning social media and blogging

Weekly Recap Of Internet Marketing Jobs Available That Congress & The Senate Need To Be Briefed On

Posted on: December 7th, 2012 by Michael Rotkin

Internet Marketing Jobs are very easy to obtain for college students and small businesses to hire within, but it seems congress, the senate and presidents of universities are not looking to the internet, when searching a for jobs solution, rather they battle over old methods. This article is not to bash, but to point out the truth of the reality, that average americans see everyday on the news.

The last few days, I wrote various articles on how social media can provide college students with jobs, while interns can receive great training while going to college, so they do not lack job experience when they are out.
When I was in college, back in 1996-2002, while obtaining two degrees, there was zero preparation, in which college students were able to prepare for life outside of college.

Life outside of college, can be very stressful, as including myself and friends alike, there was a disconnect of leaving college and realizing that the great college years were over. Maybe just maybe, if colleges started preparing students more and more with job skill, not just knowledge, then the disconnect from college could be an easier transition.

Social media jobs are booming and also small businesses need more and more social media workers, so why do colleges not offer these platforms, for interns and labor skills alike on a mass scale?

Social media is the solution for jobs and also for small businesses to get back on their feet and start hiring. Lets take the plumbers, electricians and other trade businesses I personally sold at Sprint Nextel. These business owners do not have a big internet marketing department, as they do not want to take the responsibility to hire within, so the owners then sub contract the web marketing out, which draws a few different conclusions.

1) The small business does not get targeted local business traffic, due to a short screening of web marketing agencies.

2) The small business owner takes a massive loss, because many search engine marketing companies are novices and just use clients money to build their own agency up, as seen from my observations.

3) Small businesses are now scared to start any social media, then they freeze hiring, because they feel they have been taken advantage of , therefore sitting on their cash and using traditional methods, in which do not work well, such as commercials for local businesses.
We are in a position in the world today, where our government officials need to act, rather then look at traditional means to supply jobs.

The internet is not going away, in fact SEOChampion LLC executives expect 2013 to be the biggest year, with social media new platforms coming to light.
So why does Congress and the Senate always look at the past on how to create jobs, when there is a proposal on the Internet table and here it is?

The article I wrote for jobs seekers that are out of work, also make sense, but there needs to be some great small changes, which seem simple, from a citizen standpoint. SEOJOBS

Written by Mchael Rotkin, Founder & CEO of

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If Your Unemployed & Collecting a Goverment Check – This Plan Could Potentially Work ?

Posted on: December 5th, 2012 by Michael Rotkin

The possible solution for the unemployed is proposed in a new government system, based on 20 years online experience and being unemployed at 17 years old from my second job at Hometown Buffet, 18 years ago:

The proposal would be, in order to get a government check if your unemployed and out of work, the unemployed would be required to get a template website, provided by the government and start engaging in a online work manner, to advance to a small business owner, while looking for a job.

Then the government would allow ads by google and yahoo and bing on the unemployeds provided blog, after 3 months, based on the amount of posts done. If the citizen does not blog, he or she will be contacted within hours and monitored.

This method for the out of work citizens will increase skills for the future, expand social media outreach and increase productivity, via blogging and following direction, to better themselves.

Then the government local unemployed offices, will monitor the out of work citizens and internet usage, via software created to see when the unemployed has logged into their blog and what posts were made and what progress has been made on a daily basis. All the tricks like a blogger spinning and taking others content, will be found via software and the blog post will be deducted as work.

Instead of the government giving the unemployed money freely out, the job seekers can opt to work for and with the government, while aquiring new skills and trade.

upon successful engagement from the job seeker, Google would allow ads at the 3 month mark not 6 month mark, like normal blogs that are new, along with yahoo and bing to the unemployed, which will then in turn increase the work force of the unemployed.

The unemployed will gain job skill and then can work for small businesses, doing online marketing or they can choose to continue to work with the government provided blog/website and expand their horizens and earn money.

Yahoo, Bing and Google will make more money and pay more taxes via this new method, as this also will help with increasing jobs. The unemployed, will pay tax on their online revenue and the money given by the government, will be reduced based on a sliding schedule of ad revenue obtained, which allows independence from government money.

Any questions let me know, as this is a basic good plan of increasing creativity. This would also help promote the use of government funds and also promote working closer with the unemployed across the United States, stimulating the minds of our of work force.

Written by Michael Rotkin, based on creating a opprtunity to get the work force back on their feet, with positive engagement, working in social media

5 Million+ New Jobs For Post Military-College Students-Interns-Grads & Small Businesses| Outline Part 1 of 2- Rough Draft Details

Posted on: December 5th, 2012 by Michael Rotkin

Rough draft written on blackberry at 1:20pm PST by Michael Rotkin for the better of America and to help our ecomony get a nice lift.

Personal Thoughts from last week expanded:

2,000 colleges in the database, includes community colleges, junior colleges, even high schools( 30,000) and universities for the sake of the idea, times 15,000 students on average is 30,000,000 students interns, without counting grads

Students work to pay back loans, from student run social networks that filter in main stream media, and main stream media gets ads on page( @wsj @barrons etc) and students get 50 percent or less and then 70 percent of students pay goes to college loans back to government or if they pay on their own, it goes to student card on campus, so schools keep money as well.

Then we take the great amred forces, post military and help them find jobs with a niche avenue, while they engage in social media and blog, which brings family closers as well. We can expand social media outreach to engage great training and behavior to the youth at a early age. More to come…..

Then college grads, have opportunity to continue their blogging, offer advice to new students and show them the avenues of online social media and ways to earn a living, aslong as its approve by main stream media and social media, per say… Also more jobs can be offered, look at exmaple @unlvrebellion , as sports is whole other opportunity within the colleges and not just universities, but JC’s and Community colleges.

Fraternies and sororities, will earn money for their respective clubs, by way of a ” mandatory” statue per say, in which all clubs engage in same method and pay 30 percent to the colleges and government taxes and earn money via display ads or affiliate marketing by promoting media sites, like @bloomberg @cnbc @nytimes to name a few at random. The names mentioned are from the top of my head and in no way favored for this article synopsis…

Small Businesses will come back, as the local colleges will engage with small businesses and handle their social media perhaps and or the colleges will build a community around helping small businesses. Small businesses are hesitant to move forward with online marketing, so having the support of the local colleges and post military, will gain confidence and also any small business owners, that may have folded during hard times, will be encouraged to come back.

Small businesses that have capital troubles, can possibly receive aid from the government in the form of credits, minus aid ( 10% etc) that will go towards college students helping, via a remodel of their website and also helping the troubled small business with online marketing, while educating them on social engagement via Goverment blog posts. Small businesses get help from college students and college students receive compensation, while helping small businesses.

More to come tomorrow, as part two is written, but not edited…

Written here by Michael Rotkin to get our jobs back….
Michael Rotkin
CEO-Internet Marketing Director
SEOChampion LLC

The Internet Past, The Present & The Future With Regulation 1992-2012

Posted on: December 4th, 2012 by Michael Rotkin

The Internet started for me in 1992-1993, as a young child. In 1994 I ventured on my own to find my path online, buying and selling toys on Ebay while in high school and cleared over $20,000 selling old Universal Studios old bobble heads.

The Internet is the greatest invention of all time, allowing someone who is no one to become famous online and or make a genuine business. The Internet was pioneered by Yahoo, as for a search engine, where AOL helped connect people. Without AOL, the online community would not have been online, so we need to thank AOL. We have came so far so fast and now with social media driving the boat for the time being, information is spread widely to fast and sometimes recklessly.

Thinking of where the time has gone online, as it’s been almost 20 years for me working on the pc and being online, with a business mindset. Since its been a while posting on my own blog, I figured the time is now to speak and start covering certain topics, as Twitter only has 140 Characters. The Internet can also isolate someone and steer someone away, from making their footprint online. Seems only the very strong can survive, in which hold a desire to block everything out and do well in business online.

As I write this blog post, I am listening to ” The Power Of Love” & some 1980′s music, remembering the times of old, where things were simple and the Internet society did not have to watch for people out for their business and ready to bite their head off.

Jumping to today major issue online, that everyone wants to avoid, which covers the topic of the Internet that will soon be discussed by Gov officials who have no much clue, where the Internet has came from and where it should go and how it should be monitored, if at all.

The Internet has become a dangerous place for our children and our society, as the world is currently at odds with each other. People just stepping in the game online to do right and wrong, are looking for a fast way to make money, with no idea that there is many snakes in the ” online jungle” will bite and come after them, with a vast vengeance.

There is a lot that the Government Officials need to do and there is a lot they do not need to alter. I did sign up for the “open and free act” that Google has been proposing, only because I believe some regulation is needed. Now seeing that our Internet creativity is in the hands of the benchwarmers (Politicians), which makes me very sad, as there is no way to convene to the officials in a closed lockeroom what is needed.

Just like the days of old for Congress, people vote based on their personal needs and wants and not the needs of the Internet Minds, which should allow creativity to expand and freedom of speech. This thought just came to me, while watching the new movie ” Lincoln“, which displayed to me, we came so far, but still the bias of the House of Representatives could deter any good measures, without the online communities imput.

So this leaves playing the song ” I would walk 500 miles” from the 80″s , showing Congress and officials to start listening to the world and not their ” bench” and walk in the shoes of the everyday online man, that made their way, without certain regulation.
This post is one and done, as I won’t engage in politics, unless asked.

I am not for full regulation, but am for regulation of certain aspects and looking for imput from others. What do you wish to see, as a online business owner stay for the future generations Mr. President?

I will end the post, with the song “every breath you take every move you make” 80’s and I ask all my online SEO community members to add their take?

Michael Rotkin
Founder & CEO
SEOChampion LLC

Written by Michael Rotkin Personally on 12-4-12 at 4:15PST, as a online business owner

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