Google Places Listing for Small and Big Businesses

Posted on: October 12th, 2016 by Lina

We owe it to the Internet Marketing, finding a product or service you want today is much easier than ever. Both Big and Small Businesses   are making sure their presence online and are going for the top position in Google search result pages, so that their possible customers can find them without difficulty.

Google Places is a easy service from Google to support small business make themselves visible and searchable online, by people from a particular locality they cater to. Google Places is free and lets businesses to position themselves on the web with little sweat, which makes the service an outstanding marketing choice for small business owners.

Now let me share you few tips on how you can make the best use of this Google Places Services.

Keywords –  Make sure to use relevant keywords correctly to create a remarkable brand or service description that attract the customers. However, avoid overusing or filling of keywords, or else your search engine page ranking could go down significantly.

Add Images and videos –You are permitted to add up to 10 images and 5 videos for free. Make the best use of this and put images of your business establishment, so that it becomes a lot easier for customers to find and see you. 

A Google Places page for every branch – If your business has different branches at different places, make sure that each branch has a separate Google Places page with the location’s address and phone number. In case you have just one branch but provide services in different locations, you can make a single page and list down the areas in it.

Encourage Revies – Ask your satisfied customers to review and rate your services on Google Places. The higher your ratings, the more customers you can get. Try to get as many reviews as possible, but only from real sources. However, remember  to avoid having too many just for position as this can  be the reason why Google will push your listing down.

Follow these  tips to increase the visibility of your business and to attract more clients. Be visible and let them know your business exists.  Cited from, Read more by visiting related link.

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