How Search Engines Rank Your Website

Posted on: October 13th, 2016 by Lina

Does your website shows up on page 1 or on page 20 in Google when people search for your business online?

Since 84% of internet traffic goes through search engines, being ranked highest  by search engines will send you a massive number of potential customers.

How Do Search Engines Read Your Website

Search engines send out crawlers to index your site’s contents. Crawlers follow the links found on your website and enter your site into their search database, based on text they find on your pages. This text  can be found on your public pages, or the text keywords found in behind the scenes tags.

The quantity of your keywords found on your website, the more influenced it has with the search engines and the higher your ranking can be. However, if you think you can load your page with keywords in order  to trick the search engine, better think twice. Search engines are smart and you can be penalized for keyword filling on your website.

Other search engines will rank your website based on your title, description and keywords that are supplied behind the scenes in Special coding called ” tags.” though not every search engine will read tags, it certainly can’t damage to use them.

Take note:  your Title tag shouldn’t be over 100 characters, and your Description tag shouldn’t be over  250 characters. They can be longer, however, Google only present the first 60 characters of your Title tag, and the first 160 of your Description tag in search results. (if it shows your Description tag at all).

How Search Engines Index and Rank Your Website

Search engines use many strategies to decide which category your site belongs in and which keywords the audiences will use to find your website when using the search engine. “Google says they use over 200 parameters (“signals” they call them) to categorize and rank a website.”

And remember, you will be penalized for spamming your keywords and rank lower because of it. Also it’s essential to note that search engines cannot read the text in graphics, so if you are using a graphic based direction-finding or have your keywords on a graphic next to your logo, the search engine will not see it unless you use ALT tags.

Google stated that they don’t read Keyword meta tags at all. Google’s Matt Cutts says that Google definitely reads your Description tags as well. Matt Cutts also stated that Google does not use the keyword meta tag to help establish rank. 

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