How To Gain Customers by Utilizing Social Media?

Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by Lina

The question of how and why we should be using Social Media  to promote our brand is always the  question, which deserve a good answer.

Social media is an effective tool to promote our business. If used effectively, your business will see a surge of brand consciousness, website traffic and conversation.  On the other hand many businesses have  wrong  priorities. For them to understand where their money is being used, they treat social media as a sales talk. Their prospective customers join social media to be social, not to be shoot with nonstop advertisements,  reason why their efforts are often wasted.

Here are some tips your business should be using social media to get new customer leads:

Introduce Cultural Anthropology

It is essential  to know where your clients are. There are cultural anthropology tools which permit you to put in your customers’ email addresses in return for insight to which social network channels that customer is actively on.

Monitor Twitter Searches

There are a enormous 340 million tweets sent a day. The possibility that some of these tweets reference your industry is pretty high. Just because people have not  tagged you in their update, or used the hashtag from your current campaign, does not mean that people are not tweeting about your product.

Use Images to Connect

Photographs make twice as much response as text on Facebook. So, if you are looking to catch the attention of new followers, be creative. Capture fun images that promote your product and your services efficiently.

Host a Contest

Hosting a social media contest is a great way to boost your followers and your engagement levels. A contest which involves participants to share content to their following allows your brand to gain immediate publicity.

Make it Personal

You should make your social media marketing personal.  Make your customers feel like they are the only ones being spoken to. if somebody engages in discussion with your brand you should respond right away.

Acknowledge Customers

The moment you are consistent with the content that you are posting on social media, you will start to see regular responses on all your channels. When possible, try to acknowledge your followers and share their eagerness.

“By making customers aware of your brand, you will be able to successfully convert customer leads into sales over a period of time. Your social media plan should be systematic and outline targets that ties to your company’s overall goals.”

Whatever you do, never anticipate immediate results and force sale messages onto your fan base.

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