How to Use Email Marketing and Why it Helps Your Business?

Posted on: October 21st, 2016 by Lina

Just like any smart business owner, you want to know and learn the benefits of email marketing. There’s a complete list of benefits, but one of the most persuasive reasons to use email marketing is its return on investment (ROI).

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in approximately $40 for every $1 you spend. That’s one of the highest return on investment (ROIs) for any kind of marketing.

*Email Marketing Can Increase Sales

You want your email efforts to yield profits in sales. By sharing details about your business via emails, you help customers see how important your product or service is. That leads to money in the cash register.

Promotional email – Nothing  attract a customer more than a great deal. Your customer saves a few bucks and your bottom line gets an increase.

New arrival email – When a hot new piece, service or update arrives at your store, an email spreads the word about this must have new product.

*Emails Keep Your Business Top of Mind

Emails serve as great  reminders about your brand. Email marketing  for your business will keep you on top of the mind of your consumers.

Newsletter  - A company newsletter is a great way to update your customers about your product and services.

Holiday Email - When a holiday is just around the corner, you can send your customers a holiday email.

*Keep  Customers Coming Back with Regular Emails

Emails help you build a long-term relationship with your customers. You don’t just want one time customers,  you want loyal customers who keep coming back.

Reorder emails – If you have a product or service that is always needed, a reorder email is a brilliant way to remind customers that it’s time to buy again.

We miss you email – When a customer has fallen off the sales web for a while, you can send an email that encourages them to come back.

*Use Emails to Establish Your Authority

Email marketing can help you create authority in your field. You want to show to your customers that you know your business very well.

Product use tips – Help your customers get more out of your product by giving them useful advice.

Industry news – Give your customers information they care about by highlighting news in the industry.

*Establish and Build Relationships via Email

It’s human nature to be dependent on those we trust. That is the same in business. You can use email to start and build a relationship with your customers.

Welcome email – When a new customer register for your email list, a welcome email can introduce them to the business and its products or services.

Newsletter – The customers feel associated to your company.  It’s a big portion of the relationship puzzle for you and your customer.

Testimonial email – Use email marketing to share customer reviews. By doing this you confirm your customers’ choice in your product and services.

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