Powerdiggers Stealing Stories-Promoting Them-DIGG SUFFERS

Posted on: January 4th, 2009 by Michael Rotkin

Digg.com Suffers Under Regime Change-Powerdiggers Stealing Stories, Promoting Them

For Digg.com, it would have been a better choice than eventually. It seems all good things are corrupted or abused eventually.

SEOs, thanks to aggressive blackballing by the Digg “bury-brigade,” were perhaps the earliest and most blatantly ostracized group muscled out of the prevailing purist community there-no salesmen allowed. Marketers and PR flaks effectively excommunicated, internal drama is free is to ensue as “powerdiggers” are accused of setting up a Digg.com good ole boy network. BY Webpronews.com

Diggers like big bloggers such as John Chow have many diggs from the beginning and thats how they got their start. They called up 20 people lets say and those 20 people called 5-10 diggers and dug their article back in the say”. By Michael Rotkin

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