Why Creating Great Content For Your Website is Needed?

Posted on: October 18th, 2016 by Lina

“Content may be king, but provocative content is the ace.”

Your site has only few seconds to capture interest of the audience.  Reflect about articles you have read, speeches you have heard, books you have started.

The primary exposure helps people decide on whether they want to spend extra time reading, listening or viewing. There is too much competition these days to expect audiences  to spend so much of their time just trying to beat a halfhearted introduction.

“Provocative content for an accounting company may include six reasons you are paying too much in tax and why the top line is more essential than the bottom line,  and how to get your clients to offer to pay you more than you ask.”

You have to be on edge, but not punch someone in the eye. You have to be willing to face and entertain, while not being conceited or boasting. Your website, and mainly your homepage, should be provocative enough to be unforgettable and will make others tell colleagues, “You ought to visit this site.”

Check out some of the best ways to get the provocative ideas you need:

Read books

Brainstorm with others

Invest in self-development

Question basic assumptions

Take a contrarian view

Create a story

Interview others

Social networking

“Among our own content “musts” for your website are a homepage that includes typical client results, at least one video testimonial plus revolving text testimonials (at about seven-second intervals) and a dramatic and attractive value. Menus should include case studies, client list, position papers, biography, contact information, product and service offerings and video explanations of various offerings. Give every page a different look.”

And in order for your organization to be successful on the Internet, three key elements must be accomplished:

Design – Your website should be professionally designed, attractive and engaging, and should be easy to navigate in order to quickly get visitors attention and interest.  Nobody wants to visit a website that is hard to navigate.

Content – Your website must give attention on your visitors’ interests and deal with the concern of what’s in it for them and how to develop their businesses and lives.  They need to know what they are getting from visiting your website.

Strategy and tactics – Decide what the business should appear like, how it should place itself online and what Internet mechanism are critical to making the business a success.

Use a device like Google Alerts to let you know how you are being perceived and detected. If your positioning is for concerns that are only secondary to your real worth, then adjust what you are emphasizing.

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