Why Using Facebook Matters for Branding?

Posted on: October 24th, 2016 by Lina

Social media has indeed become a crowded room, and selecting the best channels for your company to invest your assets can be a intimidating task. If you jump on the bandwagon for every latest social network your community managers may not be able to continue with the demands.

So what’s the best social media platform for your business?

You will want to think about your industry, your assets, and your objectives for being on social media, however, there is one network that should be weighted more heavily in your decision making methods.  Facebook is still holding onto its crown as king of social media, and it’s the best place for your business to dedicate at least some of its energy.

Here’s why your product should be invest in making a Page:

Balance of Photos and Text

Facebook’s major benefit over the other networks is its balance between text and photos. The News Feed is intended to show off both formats in the same way, so that no matter what your business likes for a social media techniques, you are  able to show and share details with your fans in the most efficient  way.

No Business Bias

Facebook also has the main benefit of being a network that does not have a bias for favoring a specific business. No matter what field your business falls under, crafting a strategy for Facebook presence is a uncomplicated affair. Foursquare is good for brick and mortar locations, which excludes the huge array of e-commerce businesses. And regardless of the great strides many brands have taken to increase great profiles, Pinterest is still combating its reputation as a dangerous fit for companies outside of food and fashion.

The Biggest Audience

Another grounds to be on Facebook is its sheer size. Bigger is better in this aspect, with over 1 billion people  using the network every month, you have a better shot at finding crowd who will be interested in what your business has to propose.

Know the Downsides

Just because  Facebook is king does not  mean you should disregard all the other networks completely. Actually, there are some areas where Facebook’s rivals surpass the website. For example, Twitter allows for more outreach, with no limitations on who can tweet to whom, while a Page can’t send out a message to an individual’s profile. And LinkedIn, which is growing quickly, offers a professional approach that is hard to reconstruct on channels where lack of formality is the ruling style.

In addition, Facebook’s size can work against it at times. You will need to be extra watchful to make sure that your material really gets in front of your fans’ eyes, and that might mean investing some money in the network.  However, in the grand system of a social media strategy, these are small difficulty that a smart company will be able to defeat easily.

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